Our Motto

Bon Edel Assez

Bearing in mind the tradition a motto upholds of the characteristics of its family perhaps a more appropriate translation of the multiple meanings from the conglomeration of words for the representation of our Lodge, in the best tradition and spirit, would be “Good, brave and honest”

Our Mission Statement

To make good men better

We accomplish this by encouraging a moral and spiritual way of life, promoting fellowship, and practicing universal benevolence and one’s faith for the cause of good. Masonry welcomes men who seek harmony with their fellow man and who wish to participate in making the world a better place in which to live by promoting the Masonic ideals of reverence, morality, kindness, honesty, dependability and compassion.

Our Philosophy

Kindness. Honesty. Courtesy. Dependability. Compassion.

Through its lessons, charitable work and fellowship amongst its members, Masonry stresses the principles of kindness and consideration at home, honesty in business, courtesy towards others, dependability in one’s work, compassion for the less fortunate and being a good citizen of the world. Masonry recognizes that each man has obligations to his family, his work, his religious beliefs, his community and himself – these must take priority and Masonry does not interfere with his ability to meet these obligations.

We live.

We are part of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. Located in Barrie, Ontario – about an hour drive north of Toronto.

We are.

Our members range in age from their early 20’s up to nearly a century. Jobs we hold range from drywallers and doctors, cops, electricians, engineering teachers, accountants and artists, farmers and financial examiners.

We believe.

Our ancestors come from all the continents (except Antarctica!) The faiths of the world are reflected in the beliefs of our members range from Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Wiccan and other.

We do.

Masons support various causes affecting the community, including bursary programs for students, alcohol and drug awareness programs in elementary and high schools and many other charitable initiatives.

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